Energy & Water Efficient Toilets for your Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada Home

Every home in the United States has at least one toilet. This is really a necessity and is used every day. Did you know that about 30% of your monthly water usage is from flushing the toilet? The toilet can come in different sizes and shapes and colors but they all work with the same system. They are attached to the plumbing and septic system that runs through your home and into the city sewer. The toilet has a tank that is filled with water to a specified capacity and this is what is used to fill the actual bowl of the toilet after it is flushed. There is a seat and a lever that is used to activate the flushing action. There is also some pressure that is used to suck the contents of the bowl down into the drainage system and clean water helps to rinse it down. After a person flushes the toilet that waste is taken from the bowl and through a series of plumbing pipes that eventually becomes part of the sewer waste. The amount of water that is used can be substantially lessened when a family will install a newer toilet that uses less water to do the same job.

Absolute Plumbing has the breakdown of what these new energy efficient toilets can do and how much money it can save you

If a household were to replace a single toilet in their home for a more energy efficient and water safe option you could not only save money on your water bill but you are also helping to conserve water. An energy efficient toilet option normally will use about 20% less water than an average toilet. The newer toilet has less water in the bowl and uses less water to refill and rinse down the bowl. There are many states that will offer a rebate if you install these types of toilets. Take time to research the guidelines for the rebate and what toilet is best for you.

Professional Toilet & Plumbing Fixture Installations in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

When you are ready to have a new more energy conscience toilet installed at your home you should call a professional plumber. Making sure that the install is done properly is the best way to ensure there are no leaks and the toilet is working properly.

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