Tips for Replacing a Toilet in Las Vegas NV; Removing Old Toilet as well as Plumbing Preparation & Installing New Commode

No matter how new or old your home is, it seems like you can spend a fair amount of time doing home improvement projects. From simple deep cleaning treatments to fixing some over-worked moving parts to replacing necessary home necessities; many projects are likely on your “to do” list.

Absolute Plumbing Inc would like to offer tips to replace your toilet.

Remove the Old Toilet.

1. Make sure the water to your toilet is turned off. Hold down the flusher to purge all the water from the bowl and tank. Use a sponge if necessary, to take out the remaining water in the tank, and utilize a plunger to remove the water from the bowl.
2. Disconnect the line from the wall plumbing to your toilet. If you plan on replacing the line, remove it entirely. Otherwise a simply disconnection is all that is need. A wrench should make this an easy task.
3. Remove the bolts on the base of the toilet into the floor by popping off the caps, and exposing the bolt. Remove with the appropriate wrench. Remove the bolts holding the tank and seat together next.
4. Remove the tank by straddling the seat and lifting the tank straight up with your leg power. You may have to rock it from side to side to free it. Place it out of the way, somewhere like the bathtub as there is most likely water remnants.
5. The seat section is held in place with wax, rocking it back and forth should help separate it from the waxy compound. If you were having problems removing the bolts due to rust, you may have to cut it with the use of a hack saw.

Prepping for a New Toilet.

1. Now that a hole has been exposed, it is wise to plug it up with an old rag to prevent tools from plunging and also to keep the gasses and odors from emanating into your home. Just don’t forget to remove it before placing the new toilet into place.
2. Remove the old bolts from the flange and dispose of them appropriately.
3. Take out the flange and inspect it for damage. If necessary, replace.
4. Put the new bolts in the flange.
5. Lie the new toilet on a padded area on its side, and firmly put the new wax seal down. Push it firmly and rotate it to get it to stick.
6. Remove the exposed tag.

Installing a New Toilet.

1. Remove the rag clog if you haven’t already. Place the toilet on the bolts, making sure the bolts are fed through the holes. If possible, leave the tank off to the side and work the bowl base for simplicity.
2. Rock the bowl back and forth to seed it into the wax and push it firmly down.
3. Alternate tightening the toilet down on either side to keep it level. Do not over tighten as this can cause the porcelain to crack.
4. Replace the caps. If the bolts are too high, saw them down with your hack saw.
5. Insert the tank and tighten it down with the bolts to the seat.
6. Install the toilet interior parts according to manufacturer’s directions.
7. Screw the toilet seat on.
8. Replace the water line and secure it with your wrench.
9. Flip the water on and test out your handy work.

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