Tips to Rescue Treasures that have Fallen Down the Sink; Drain & Sewer Clearing in Las Vegas NV

We have all been there at one time or another. The wedding or engagement ring, or perhaps another ring that has either sentimental or cash value. Or some other valuable that is precious to our hearts; the contact lens or perhaps your child’s first tooth. The list of treasures lost down the drain could be longer than Santa’s Naughty and Nice List!

Regardless of the priceless item dropped down the sink drain, Absolute Plumbing, Inc would like to offer a few tips and steps to retrieve your beloved belongings.

– If the scenario calls for it, you can first try to fashion a hook out of a wire hanger to retrieve the lost possession. If this method proves unsuccessful, continue reading.
– Be sure to turn the water off immediately, and do not allow further use until operation “Save My Precious” can be executed. Not only can we potentially save your items, but this is also a method used to remove the hair clogs for a smoother drainer.
– A dropped item will normally sink to the bottom of the J-bend in the P-trap. The purpose of the P-trap is to maintain a water seal to prevent sewer gases from wafting out of the sink drain. It’s called a P-trap because it strongly resembles the letter “P”.
– You will need a big, adjustable plumbers wrench to take apart the J-Bend. Be sure to place a bucket under the pipes to catch the water and debris that will come spilling out. On some more of the newer pipe work, the slip nuts can easily be removed by hand, and don’t require any tools. Unscrew the slip nut at the J-Bend on both ends. Remember, lefty-loosey righty-tighty still applies.
– A nylon washer is under the slip nut. Allow the slip nut to rest loosely when fully unscrewed.
– Slide the slip nut up and out of the way on to the horizontal section of the P-trap. Ensure to hold onto and support the J-Bend with your hand, as it’s ready to drop down.
– In this case, you will probably be grateful for the matted hair catching your treasured item that has fallen down the drain.
– Once your possession is successfully rescued, do not put it back on the sink, you can reattach everything as you did taking it apart.

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If you are too frazzled and frustrated, and simply don’t have the wear with all to deal with the situation, call upon Absolute Plumbing, Inc to retrieve you precious item. We have many services that can aid all your plumbing needs. Call us today!

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