What Would Cause Low Water Pressure in your Las Vegas NV House? Clogged Screens, Plumbing Leaks or New Fixtures?

If you have ever gotten in the shower only to find that the water pressure is so low you can barely get the soap out of your hair then you have had a real plumbing problem. The water pressure is not only important in hair washing but also in the way that the appliances in your home work. The water pressure is what makes a dishwasher and washing machine work properly.

There are several reasons you could be suffering from low water pressure in your home and Absolute Plumbing has the lowdown.

Clogged Screens: This may seem like a simple reason but it can easily be overlooked by many homeowners. Most people will take time to clean the tiles and the floors and wash all the towels and mats but how often do you look at the screens that the water is coming into the shower from. The screen is an important part of the shower head. It aids in stopping debris from coming through and also helps to save the amount of water that comes out. While the screen is running water it is also collecting sediment and minerals. The best way to clean your screens is to remove and soak them in some white vinegar. This will break down the buildup and allow you to put it back together to see if this solves the problem.

Plumbing Leaks: This is a scary reason for low water pressure especially if you are not able to quickly identify where the leak is. The leak can be in the walls, under the flooring, in the ceiling or outside and can cause the water pressure that should be running through your home to slow way down. Low water pressure is one of the symptoms but also an increase in your water bill as well. If this is what you think may be wrong, you will need a professional plumber like Absolute Plumbing for leak detection and emergency plumbing repairs.

New Showerhead: This may seem weird but replacing your showerhead could be the problem. This is either when you have not changed it out in a very long time and it has just run its course or you have put a new one in. You may not have read all the information about your showerhead and without realizing it, purchased and installed a low flow option. These are made to slow the amount of water used.

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If you have any concerns about the low water pressure in your home or any other plumbing issues, call Absolute Plumbing, Inc for an inspection, adjustment and possible repairs.

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