Garbage Disposal Leaking, Clogged or Not Working? Troubleshooting & Repair Tips in Las Vegas NV

Garbage disposals are easily jammed, so much so, they typically come with a wrench for quick fixes. If your garbage disposal seems to be malfunctioning, always conduct a system check before presuming the garbage disposal is in need of replacing. With the use of a flashlight, and ensuring the garbage disposal has been switched off, check for any objects that may be dislodged in the mechanisms, and free it if there is with the aid of needle nose pliers. If that doesn’t seem to be the cause of an unresponsive garbage disposal, use the wrench on the motor spline. It is located at the bottom of the appliance; twist right and then left. If it moves freely, reset the circuit breaker. If that still doesn’t improve matters, and the warranty has expired, a new garbage disposal might be in need.

Absolute Plumbing, Inc has prepared some helpful tips in replacing your garbage disposal.

1. First disconnect the power to the old unit. At the base of the disposal, remove the cover plate, loosen the ground screw and remove both wire connectors.
2. Loosen the hose clamp on the dishwasher discharge hose and remove the hose from its fitting. The bolts need to be loosened that bind the drain flange to the disposer to undo the drain crosspiece.
3. Remove the disposal from the sink drain. Support the garbage disposal from underneath and rotate the large 3-tab mounting ring at the top counter clockwise until the garbage disposal unit falls away. Remove the drain assembly by loosening the 3 bolts and pry off the retaining ring. Push the drain out the sink hole along with any old caulk or putty.
4. Apply plumber putty around the underside of the drain and press the drain firmly on the sink hole.
5. Slide the cardboard washer and backup the ring onto the drain spud.
6. Mount flange and retaining ring. Snap the retaining ring onto the drain spud.
7. Tighten down bolts until putty is mostly squeezed free and the drain feels snug in the sink.
8. Before installing the garbage disposal, wire it up. Thread the old box connector into the base of the new disposal.
9. Connect the circuit wires and conduit into the connector and secure it in the conduit. Combine black circuit wire and black lead in one wire connector, and the white circuit wire and white lead in another. Bind the circuit ground wire under the green screw and replace the cover plate.
10. If you intend on utilizing the dishwasher fitting, make sure the nipple has a hole poked through before attaching.
11.Lift the garbage disposal to the sink and fasten the tabs of the mounting ring. Tighten the tab slots clockwise.
12. Fit the rubber washer over the flanged end of the plastic crosspiece then slide the metal flange on from the other end. Tip the bottom into the slot and tighten the fastening bolt.
13. Trim the crosspiece to length connect it t the drain tee and install the P trap.

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Installing a garbage disposal can be tricky if you are not familiar with electrical work or basic plumbing. If you find yourself in need of a new garbage disposal, and you lack the time, know how, or physical ability, contact Absolute Plumbing to install it for you.

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