Weird Things Found in Sewers During Drain & Sewer Cleaning, Clearing & Preventative Maintenance Inspections!

The sewers are a series of pipes that go under the city or town and make their way to a processing plant that usually takes care of the waste safely. There are lots of items that can be found in the sewers on a regular basis. The sewer also connects to the plumbing in each home and that means all the things that you flush or send down the toilet or pour down the drain ends up all together in the sewer pipes. The items that most people would say are in the sewer would include water, toilet paper, feces, urine and feminine hygiene products. They may also even add items like hair and soap from sinks and showers.

Absolute Plumbing, Inc has a list of weird items found that no one would ever think could be in the sewers around the world!

Car Found in Drain – One of the weirdest finds came from London. When the city workers were clearing a pipe they found half of a mini cooper in the drain. The problem is that they have no idea how it could have gotten there.

Jaw Bone Located in Drain – Another item that can make spending time in the sewers a little scarier is because of what was found in a drain in Edmonton. They came across a bone which is not really a weird item since they actually come across many bones. The bone that they found was a jaw bone about the size of a human. The problem is that it was not a human and they are not sure what animal it goes to.

Alligator in Pipe – Another weird and scary item that was found is from a drain pipe in Texas. Workers were looking in the pipe and came across something that was definitely out of place and was almost as big as the entire pipe. When they got to it they were face to face with a huge 600 pound alligator. The alligator was removed with no incident but it was a scary moment.

Sheep in Sewer – In Surrey, England workers sent down a camera into the sewers to see what was in there and they were surprised at what they found. The floating camera caught a sheep just walking around. They routinely check the pipes to ensure that nothing is starting to back up, and that is when they found him. The sheep must have fallen near an opening and just started wandering around.

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We don’t think that you will be finding any of these kinds of clogs in your drains, but if you have any other kind of clog or backup, you can call Absolute Plumbing today.

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