How Can I Increase the Water Pressure in my Shower Head? Call Absolute Plumbing Inc in Las Vegas NV for Expert Plumber Service

Taking a shower can be relaxing and a great way to end your stress filled day of work. One of the most frustrating occurrences is when your shower does not produce an appropriate amount of water pressure. An abundance of water pressure makes a shower much more enjoyable and cleaner too. You can be sure that all of the dirt is washed off of your body and that there is no soap in your hair when you take a shower that has ample water pressure. Taking a shower that has little to no water pressure is a complete disappointment and you are left with shampoo in your hair and a low amount of satisfaction.

Unclean or Broken Shower Head

One of the most common reasons that water pressure in a shower becomes weak is a dirty or broken shower head. Your shower head is where the water leads to and emits from. If you have a dirty or busted shower head, the chances of you getting the greatest amount of water pressure are extremely low. Until it is time to clean the shower, people do not generally even look at their shower head. When you are taking a shower the water is always on, so it is difficult to really inspect the shower head and the holes in which the water emits form.

Can Bacteria in your Shower Head Make you Sick?

Not only does a dirty shower head produce low water pressure, but it can also become a danger to you and your
family as it has a buildup of bacteria within the head that can contaminate the water which you are bathing in. As dirty water sits in your pipes waiting to escape the next time that you shower, many of the additives in water settle and form small pieces of sediment. The most common sediment that forms on your shower head is calcium. If you look closely at your shower head and see a buildup of hard white rock like substance then you have calcium buildup on your shower head.

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Many home owners will attempt to clean their showerhead by dismantling it and soaking it in a bowl of house hold cleaner. While this may make your shower head appear to be clean, it is possible that it could still be harboring dangerous materials within. If you are experiencing poor water pressure, leaks in your faucets or other plumbing issues, contact Absolute Plumbing, Inc today. Absolute Plumbing, Inc will get your water pressure flowing strong and fix any other issues you may be experiencing.

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