When Should you Replace the Old Bathtub in your Las Vegas Home? When you Notice Faucet, Drain & Pipe Leaks for Starters!

The bathroom in your home should be a place where you can relax, be comfortable and not worry about anything. Bathrooms are sometimes difficult to maintain as they can harbor a great deal of mildew and mold if not cleaned properly. One area of the bathroom that seems to get dirtier than the others is the bathtub. Bathtubs that have been around for quite a while can get pretty dirty and the thought of taking a bath in one sounds about as appealing as swimming with sharks. Replacing your old bathtub with a new one is a great way to improve the look of your bathroom and make maintaining a clean tub much easier.

Bathtub & Bathroom Pipe Leaks

There are a few signs to consider when trying to decide whether or not to replace your bath tub with a new one. Leaks are a strong sign you should replace your old bathtub. If you start to notice a small puddle of water forming near your bathtub every time that you fill it, you have most likely sprung a leak. This can happen when small cracks occur in the basin of your bathtub, or a leak in a pipe has occurred.

Fixing Bathtub Pipe, Faucet & Drain Leaks

If you have leaks, than there is a very good chance that you also have mold and mildew present in and around your bathtub. Leaks are notorious for causing mold and mildew growth in a bathroom. Mold is a strong indicator that water is running through and in areas that it should not be. To keep your bath tub and bathroom as clean and as safe as possible, your best option is to replace your bath tub and repair any leaks that are present. If mold and mildew are allowed to remain present in your bathroom, not only will your tub look dirty, but it can pose serious health risks to you and your family.

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Stains are another strong indicator that it is time to swap out your old dirty bathtub for a new one. Beside the fact that stains look disgusting, they also indicate a great deal of bacteria living inside of your bathtub. If you scrub as hard as you possibly can and the ring around your bathtub just isn’t going away, then it is most definitely time to replace your old stinky bathtub with a new one. Contact Absolute Plumbing today for a new bathtub installation and a clean and shining bathroom.

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