Preparing Plumbing Water Pipes for Winter in Las Vegas NV; Preventing Freezing & Cracked Water Pipe Lines

Las Vegas, Nevada is known for casinos, night life, gambling and scorching temperatures. But eventually winter sets in and even Vegas can have record low temperatures. You never know from one winter to the next how cold it will get. Taking the boy scout motto “Always be prepared“, is a good rule to follow, especially when it concerns our homes. So with winter being on the way we’d like to talk about preparing your plumbing pipes for the cold weather that way you don’t fall victim to unnecessary repairs and replacements.

We are sure you are now asking yourself; “what harm can winter do to my pipes?” The answer is plenty. If a blast of cold air hits your pipes they could freeze, resulting in a few different unwanted scenarios!

Cracked Water Pipe Line

Freezing pipes more often than not lead to cracked water pipe lines. Unfortunately, this won’t manifest itself until the pipes thaw. Some signs this has occurred are damp walls, moist carpet or wet hard-surface floors. You may also notice a drop in water pressure and difficulty running appliances that require hot or cold water to run. If you notice something out of sorts, it is best to know where your water valve is in order to shut it off until you can locate and fix the offending problem. Those who live in the home should know where the valve is in case of emergency as well. If you suspect a cracked water pipe, call a professional from Absolute Plumbing to come and assist you.

Following these tips can help protect your piping this winter.

Disconnect all outdoor hoses. If left attached they can freeze and expand causing the faucet to burst.
Repair leaky faucets. If you have any leaky faucets on those outdoor hoses, be sure they are repaired. If you don’t know how, a professional from Absolute Plumbing can help you.
Cover the outdoor faucets with an inexpensive installation kit.
– It is important to insulate all pipes that are not in a heated area. Heat tape is easily applied to any pipes that need the extra protection.
Keep the furnace above 55 degrees so your interior pipes don’t freeze. Even a tiny crack can produce 250 gallons of water a day causing other damage to your home.
– Keep your water heater set at 120 degrees, this will keep it running efficiently without causing scalding.
Clean out the gutters of leaves and debris, this will ensure proper drainage and not put any stress on your home.

Professional Plumbing Service on Water, Sewer & Gas Lines & Plumbing Fixtures in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Following these basic tips can help your plumbing pipes intact all winter long. If anything should happen or you find problems during a plumbing inspection, call us at Absolute Plumbing and an experienced expert can help you with any of your plumbing needs.

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